The volcano near your island is going to erupt soon. Will you be able to save your people from certain doom? Is a new suitable home out there? If so, will it grant enough resources to feed your tribe?

In Polynesia you will try to save as many of your people as possible. You will explore new trails to new islands or ask another tribe to share his knowledge for something in return. You will move your people to safety through known routes. Let them populate your islands or just fish for some needed resources. Even if this sounds easy, the tides will affect your actions.

About the game

Number of players: 2-4 players
Playing time: 60-75 minutes
Age: 12+
Author: Peer Sylvester
Illustrations: Laura Bevon
Rules: ES - EN

Additional information

BoardGameGeek link

Release date

October 2020


Categories: Juegos
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