Flick ‘em up! Tierra de forajidos

The cities in the West are not the safest place to be. In the disc-flicking game Flick 'em Up!, you can become an outlaw and rob banks, free prisoners, attack innocent bystanders... or you could become the Sheriff and try to protect the people of your city from these bandits!

Relive the great adventures of the West, face your enemies in street duels, use different guns and tactics to get what you want. You can follow the scenarios or create your own—the choice is yours, cowboy!

About the game

Number of players: 2-10
Playing time: 30-45 minutes
Age: 7+
Authors: Gaëtan Beaujannot y Jean Yves Monpertuis
Illustrator: Chris Quilliams
Rules: ES

Additional information

BGG link

Release date

June 2016

Categories: Juegos
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