Expert Strategy November 1, 2022

Air Mail

1925, the US Congress passes the new “Air Mail Act” also known as the “Kelly Act. The Postmaster General will now contract commercial airline companies to carry mail.

Step into the shoes of an aviation tycoon and manage one of these companies competing for the contracts to establish and operate the first airmail service. Grab the incentives offered by the government by plotting the most efficient routes and developing the technology that will allow you to build the most autonomous and reliable models. Whoever can make the most profit for their company will win. Get ready for Airmail to take off!

The aim of Airmail is to make the most profit for your company. There are three main ways to earn revenue:

Transporting packages between the different divisions of the country. The maximum distance you can send a delivery is determined by your level of technology, which you can improve during the game. Obviously, the greater the distance between the package’s origin and its destination, the greater the profit.

Comply with the decrees of the Postal Service. Throughout the game they will be activated as common objectives for all players.

Express Deliveries. At the end of the game, you will gain the benefits of the express deliveries that you have and successfully carry out.

To achieve all of the above, you will have to plot and extend your own routes by connecting the different divisions, playing concession cards and asking for government subsidies.

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  • Author:

    Toni López

  • Illustrations:

    David Prieto

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